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  • Team HomeoPet take to the beach for 4Ocean.com


    This year we at HomeoPet have designated as one of our charities 4Ocean. An organisation devoted to the gargantuan task of cleaning up our oceans. Their mission…

    About 4 Ocean

    4Ocean is a global movement actively removing trash from the ocean while inspiring individuals to work together for cleaner oceans, “one pound at a time”.

    4Ocean have “inspired us”! There is much debate about global warming, however, there is no argument about the fact that an estimated 16 billion pounds of plastic enters the world’s oceans every single year. This plastic affects EVERY LIVING BEING that comes in contact with these bodies of water or the wildlife that depends on them.

    Why 4 Ocean

    As a company dedicated to promoting a more natural, healthy approach to life, Team HomeoPet headed to a local beach here on Long Island in New York (coincidentally called Hot Dog Beach) to see if we could bag us some trash! However, we’re extremely fortunate that our local beaches are beautifully clean and litter-free, so we simply enjoyed the beach in all its glory with our fabulous four-legged friends!

    As we were unable to personally contribute to the clean up movement that day, we instead contributed to the great work of 4Ocean by purchasing many of their beautiful 4Ocean Bracelets. This global movement is actively removing trash from our oceans and coastlines “One Pound at a Time” while inspiring others like us here at HomeoPet, to spread the simple message to get involved and active.

    “Hope always deceives us when it becomes a substitute for action.” Marty Rubin

    “Ignoring an issue makes us a tacit supporter of it.”
    Stewart Stafford

    Meet the team at HomeoPet – the guys and gals that make HomeoPet happen!

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