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  • Meet Team HomeoPet!

    In September, inspired by the 4Ocean movement, we headed to a local beach here on Long Island in New York to see if we could bag us some trash! We had a wonderful day on the beach with our fabulous four-legged friends and we thought you might like to meet us all. Juliana joined us with her dog Coco – a 6 year old Cocker Spaniel that lucky Juliana received as a gift. Running and playing is his life and Coco LOVES to play fetch so he can pretend to hunt and pounce on his toys/ball! Juliana works in sales and customer service here at HomeoPet and her mission is to keep pet owners and their pets happy. Juliana-&-Coco Ingrid and her gorgeous German Shepard Kimba. Kimba will be 7 years old in December and has been coming to the HomeoPet office since she was a puppy!  Every morning we come into the office, she greets us all as though she has not seen us in years!.  Not much gets by her. If any co-worker steps away from their desk, she is right there checking to see what they are up to and patrols the hallways to ensure everything is in order.  In between, she is busy attending meetings, taking a nap every so often and waiting for the FedEx and UPS delivery men to make their deliveries.  They are the highlight of her day as she gets to inspect their trucks while giving some uncontrolled (and unfortunately sometimes unrequited!) loving. Ingrid & Kimba Anita and her pooch Tyler – a 12lb 6-year-old Miniature Poodle with a huge personality. Tyler loves to play ball and even when there’s no one to play with him, he plays by himself with a ball and a blanket, pushing the ball with his nose like a seal! Anita is Chief Financial Controller here at HomeoPet, but when it comes to Tyler, there’s no expense spared! Anita & Tyler Mark – MD Homeopet Europe – getting into the spirit of the day! Mercedes and Anita enjoying a joke with Mark Mercedes (below left) is amongst the newest members of our staff at HomeoPet. She is the Assistant Supply Chain Manager and we’re delighted to welcome her to the HomeoPet family. Mercedes is holding Mags dog Ziggy (second from left below). Ziggy is a Mama’s boy! He Loves to go in the car, stick his head out the window and say hello to everyone. He also loves his walks as he’s very social and meets and greets everyone in the neighborhood. He loves when his mom sits on the floor and talks to him. Mags says 2he is truly my buddy – he makes me smile. What can I say…animals love us unconditionally.” Too right Mags!   Mark-&-Ziggy Aindriu and his dog Maui. ‘It was a dark and stormy night…….no it really wasn’t. It was the beginning of the new year (2018), and my fiancé and I were still getting settled into our new home. We spoke many times about getting a pup at some point, but nothing concrete. Then came that fateful day; Katie tagged along with her sister to the local pet shop to purchase some food for her sisters’ reptiles. Shortly after entering the shop, Katie went directly to the puppy section as she always does whenever she gets a chance to stop by. This time was different than all the others, Katie locked eyes with a 2-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog, and it was love at first sight. Katie picked him up in her arms and could barely compose herself between sobs and shaking. She somehow managed to hold her phone still long enough to send me a picture of Maui, followed by one with her holding the already massive beast. While I was sitting at home, I received the pictures followed by a very emotional phone call asking if we could buy him. I didn’t hesitate to say yes and sign my soul/life savings over to the pet store. I did have some mixed feelings at the time about buying a pure bred, not more so because of the price tag but since my family has always rescued dogs. Hesitations aside, Maui has been a true gift to our household. He brings nothing but goofy happy energy, horrible smelling farts, and a plethora of shaggy hair to the table. While still less than a year old, Maui has reinforced that life is all about the simple pleasures and enjoying time while you have it. It is so easy to get caught up in life, and it is such a blessing to have an animal be there for you in good and bad times.’ Aindriu-and-Maui Rachel has recently joined the Sales Support Team at HomeoPet and we’re delighted to have her on board! Here she is pictured with the gorgeous Marnie whom she adopted on a “Clear the Shelter” event. She was a shelter favorite, but none of her former homes stuck until Rachel came along. At the time of writing, Marnie has only been part of Rachel’s family for about a month, but she’s settled in quickly. She was brought her home on Rachel’s birthday weekend and quickly earned herself the title of queen wiggle butt of the Gregory household! She loves car rides, barking at the birds and neighborhood cats, seeing her buddies at the doggo park, getting the zooms when all of hooman’s come home from work and taking over most of Rachel’s queen-sized bed at night. Rachel says “Marnie is the light of my life and I wouldn’t know what I’d do without her. I could talk about her all day! I’m very lucky to work for a great company that cares about animal’s health as much as I do – helping pet owners help their pets is so fulfilling to me. Also, Maui, Kimba, and Ziggy greeting me at the door every day at work are a huge benefit too!” Rachel and Marnie And last, but not least – Daniel Farrington; President and CEO of HomeoPet. A man whose passion and inspiration is match only by that of his brother Tom (who unfortunately couldn’t join us as he is in residence with his veterinary practice in the west of Ireland) in bringing safe, pure and natural Pet Medicines to animals around the world. Daniel UK This is Becky – our UK Sales Rep, with her dog Sam. Becky has been our UK representative for the last 2 years and on and off for 8 years whilst Homeopet was part of The Company of Animals. Becky rescued Sam from Dr Roger Mugford. Poor Sam had major Anxiety issues, as he was found alone in a flat after his owner had died. Becky and her partner Tom have invested a lot of time with Sam, to help ease his anxiety issues and HomeoPet Anxiety Relief have played a huge part in Sam’s recovery. “Once the drops were put into Sam’s mouth, the results were instantaneous! From a hyper-anxious dog, we now had a calm and happy dog. Working with products where I can see the results first-hand makes me feel proud to be part of such a pet-friendly company” says Becky. Becky Team HomeoPet having some fun! Team-HomeoPet

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    1. sebanks42 says:

      I want to personally extend a HUGE GRACIOUS AND HEARTFELT THANK YOU TO THE ENTIRE TEAM.Your product saved my cat!!!! I woke up to a grumpy cat who could only urinate blood.I was scared and didn’t know what to do so I rushed him to the vet who for $200 unblocked his private parts of crystals,gave him antibiotics,pain meds and fluids and told me he had a severe UTI and if it doesn’t get better I have to bring him back and for $2000 they’d rid him of his problem.I didn’t have that kind of money because I have a daughter whos in a life or death situation about to birth any day now,alone in Arizona and I MUST get there from Florida, then GOD lead me to YOU. That UTI med for Cats is a MIRACLE IN A SMALL BOTTLE.Within 24 hours! Yes 24 hours of me giving him the doses he was urinating in large streams ALL OVER HIS LITTER…ALL I COULD DO WAS CRY!!!!! THANK YOU…FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!! ME AND MY CAT LOVE YOU GUYS AND GALS ❤️ GOD BLESS YOU ALL

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