The HomeoPet Satisfaction Guarantee

HomeoPet provides a 45-Day Satisfaction Guarantee (“Guarantee”) for its products purchased by original end-user customers in the United States from it or its authorized sellers. Under the Guarantee, a customer that is unsatisfied with a product may receive a replacement product or refund for the price of the product (at the customer’s option). The Guarantee is limited by the terms on our website.

The Guarantee Is Not Offered for Products Purchased From Unauthorized Sellers

We have enacted distribution channel agreements and policies to ensure that our products are sold to end-user customers only by authorized sellers that are subject to and have agreed to follow our quality control standards. These standards are designed to ensure that end users receive products that are of the premium quality that consumers have come to associate with our brands. If an authorized seller does not adhere to these quality control standards, we have the right to cease providing products to the seller and to terminate the seller’s status as an authorized seller.

The Guarantee is limited to products that are sold by authorized sellers that are subject to and have agreed to follow our quality control standards.Accordingly, the Guarantee is not available for products purchased from unauthorized sellers because we cannot oversee or take action to correct product quality issues caused by unauthorized sellers. This exclusion includes all products that are purchased from unauthorized sellers, including unauthorized Internet sites and unauthorized storefronts on online marketplaces.

Procedures for Processing Guarantee Requests

A customer service representative who receives a Guarantee request should gather information from the customer about why they are dissatisfied. Collecting this information will allow us to determine whether the customer’s Guarantee request should be granted or denied. This information will also assist us in monitoring its authorized sellers’ compliance with quality control requirements and identifying other potential issues in its supply chains.

A customer service representative will provide a customer with a Guarantee approval confirmation number (“Approval Number”) if:

  • The customer is the original purchaser of the product;
  • The customer made the Guarantee request within 45 days of the date of purchase;
  • The customer purchased the product from an authorized seller; and
  • The customer is able to provide a receipt or other proof of purchase showing that the product was purchased from an authorized seller.

Managerial Discretion to Deny Guarantee Requests or Provide Benefits Not Required By Guarantee

We reserve the right to deny Guarantee requests in its discretion if a customer has engaged in fraud or has otherwise abused the Guarantee. There may be circumstances where a customer is submitting fraudulent requests or attempting to abuse the Guarantee, such as by seeking a refund for multiple, heavily used products close to 45 days after the date of purchase. Under the terms of the Guarantee, we have discretion to deny Guarantee requests in such circumstances even when a customer would be otherwise entitled to benefits under the Guarantee.

Conversely, there may be exceptional circumstances where a customer is dissatisfied with the terms of the Guarantee (for example, because the customer no longer has a proof of purchase or because the customer purchased a product from an unauthorized seller) and it would be warranted, for business reasons (e.g., threat of litigation, loss of significant business, threat of brand harm via social media), to provide the customer with benefits beyond those strictly provided by the Guarantee. On a case-by-case basis, our supervisors may consider whether a dissatisfied customer should be provided a benefit beyond what is provided by the Guarantee because not doing so could result in significant harm to our reputation or business.

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