HP Healing Cream Case Study

Zippet 6 mth old spayed female miniature pinscher

Zippet: 09/03/08 6 mth old spayed female miniature pinscher

Patient presented with dewclaw incision site open.  The patient had an ovarian hysterectomy and front dewclaw removal 5 days prior.  The dewclaw incision site opened presenting open wounds.  The wounds were open, red and dime sized.  The dewclaw surgery site on both front paws was open but granulating well.  The patient was enrolled in the Homeopet Cream study.  The owner was advised to apply the Homeopet cream to both dewclaw surgery sites twice daily.  This was the only treatment advised.

Photos taken:  0098-0100


Zippet: 09/17/08

The patient was brought in 2 weeks later for a recheck.  The wounds were almost completely healed – now pea sized.  The fur was almost completely regrown.  Advised to continue Homeopet Cream.

Photos taken:  103; 105



Zippet: 10/09/08

The patient returned 3 weeks later for another recheck.  Small scars were present but wounds were completely healed.

Photos taken:   0118-0119