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  • Steps to take to keep your pet safe and healthy during the Covid-19 outbreak.


    There’s no escaping the Corona Virus pandemic or denying that it is a massive threat to both human life and the global economy. It’s a crisis we are all facing and that we all must play our part in fighting.

    As well as taking care of our own health, it’s vitally important to also take care of the animals we’re lucky enough to have in our lives. A pet is a great source of comfort, companionship and motivation, particularly in times of stress such as the current crisis we are all facing. It’s our responsibility to make sure our pets live healthy, happy lives and there are many steps we should take to help ensure that our furry friends remain safe and healthy during the current crisis.

    • We hope with all our hearts that you do not fall ill with this terrible virus. But it’s important to think of the worst-case scenario and should that happen, do you have a care plan in place for your pets? Who will look after them if you are unable to do so? Think carefully and choose someone in your life who you can trust to give your pet the best care possible should you fall seriously ill at home or need to be taken to hospital. Talk to this person, gain their consent to care and communicate any special instructions that they need to be aware of for your pet’s care.
    • In as far as possible, your pet’s daily routine should not change. Keep feeding times regular and maintain their normal exercise and play routines.
    • Avoid unnecessary trips to the vet. If you feel your pet’s health is suffering, start with a phone call, explain the symptoms and follow your vet’s advice. Vet visits should be for emergencies only during the current crisis.
    • Avoid unnecessary trips to the shops – buy online where possible and see if your local grocery store offers home delivery or an order and collect service, minimising the physical interaction required between people. Make sure you have enough of your pet’s favorite chow in your pantry to avoid emergency trips and allow you to plan ahead for online purchasing.
    • If your pet requires any ongoing medication, make sure you have adequate supply and organise a new delivery before your current medication runs out.
    • Our pets still need fresh air and exercise, so make sure you attend to their daily needs during these trying times. If you are lucky enough to have a large back yard, make sure it is as pet friendly as possible and it could become a pet play sanctuary over the next few weeks! Getting out for daily walks with our dogs is also essential, not only for their physical and mental health, but also our own. Just remember to always keep your distance from other people, don’t let your dogs mingle with other dogs or other people and wear gloves to avoid touching any potentially contaminated surfaces.
    • If you are confined to barracks, why not put this time to good use and take your dog’s training to the next level? Or test some new, healthy pet food recipes of your own?  In our latest post in the Natural Pet Care Centre, we’ve some handy tips about what you can do so that you and your canine buddy get the best out of these trying times.

    Anxious Times?

    As pet parents, we have always recognised that our pets are able to pick up on our moods, but apparently this is now backed up by science. And with the current global crisis, many of us are certainly under even more stress and feeling more anxious than normal. Many pets pick up on such emotions and that, coupled with a change in routine and possibly less outdoor activity than normal, has many pets feeling the strain. This is a perfect example of a situation where our Anxiety Relief medicine can lend a helping hand. If you find that your pet is restless and exhibiting any unwanted behavior, from barking and whining in dogs to feather plucking in birds, Anxiety Relief can help to calm and soothe the situation.

    Similarly, you may have to change your pet’s regular food if your local store sells out, or maybe your canine culinary efforts don’t quite agree with their tummy? Digestive Upsets can help to reduce discomfort and provide temporary relief from minor digestive problems.

    Liver Rescue is another great medicine to have on hand in times of increased stress as is promotes good liver function and supports the removal of toxins in dogs, cats and other animals.

    If you have any questions about your pet’s health, our customer support team are on hand to help. Please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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