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  • When to use WRM Clear


    WRM Clear – Helping To Protect Animals Against The Threat Of Worms

    Controlling worms in your pet is an important part of their routine health care and without effective and regular worm management and treatment, animals can become seriously ill.

    A common question posed to our health care team is ‘when and under what circumstances should I use WRM Clear for my animals and when should I use a conventional de-wormer?’ So we thought we’d write a blog post to help answer this question.

    WRM Clear is a natural medicine from nature that can aid in and support the removal of many types of worms that typically infect our animals. Our multispecies medicine WRM Clear can be used in all small animals. We also have a number of species specific medicines from nature, including Feline WRM Clear for cats, Avian WRM Clear for birds and Equiopathics WRM Clear for horses and other large animals such as goats and cattle, so you are able to choose the best option for your pal.

    When to use WRM Clear

    • To support your regular worming management program.

    Veterinary advice is that animals are wormed on a regular cycle of every 90 to 180 days, dependant upon region, season and worm load.

    WRM Clear is formulated to provide support to your animal’s own immune system in the fight against worms and to aid detoxification from the effects of conventional products. Ideally you should give your animal WRM Clear to support your regular de-worming program.

    • When your animal is already immune-compromised.

    Your animal’s body is an amazing thing and has its own in-built defence mechanisms against worms. All animals can become infested, but if an animal’s immune system is compromised or overloaded, worms pose an even more serious issue. Young animals that don’t yet have their own in-built resistance, older animals whose health may be deteriorating, sick or under nourished animals, or those that have faced a continual worm burden over a sustained period of time are particularly at risk. Use WRM Clear in such animals on an ongoing basis to support their own immune system, to aid in recovery from worm effects and to detoxify from the effects of conventional worming products that may be necessary for your animal’s health and wellbeing.

    Additionally, animals who are on medications can become nutritionally deficient as a result of nutrients being used up in the breakdown and detoxification of drugs. This condition is known as drug induced nutritional deficiency and is something that conventional chemical wormers can actually exacerbate. In such circumstances, supporting your pet with Liver Rescue to aid detoxification will support their general.

    • To help to increase the interval between de-worming treatments.

    Resistance of worms to conventional de-wormers is a growing problem. This is particularly the case in large animal species such as horses, where the overuse of conventional wormers, coupled with incorrect dosing and inappropriate worm species targeting has led to a potentially catastrophic resistance problem. Effective and regular management of your animal’s environment can help reduce an animal’s worm burden and when your animal carries fewer worms, it needs de-worming less frequently and less frequent worming in turn means less resistance build up by the worms to de-worming products. WRM Clear also helps to increase the resistance of your animal against worm infestation by supporting its own in-built defence mechanisms that fight and protect against worms on a daily basis.

    It’s important to remember that WRM Clear does not kill the worms, but can help the animal’s own immune system to remove them from the body. The worms are excreted from the body while alive but will die once hitting the air, so it’s important to maintain correct and regular hygiene procedures.  These medicines are safe, gentle, natural free and are easy to administer, with no food withdrawal required for administration.

    We’ve a number of other articles in the HomeoPet Natural Pet Care Centre to help you win the war on worms, so feel free to browse, read and share.

    If you have any questions at all on WRM Clear or how to best protect your pets against the threat of worms, please comment below, or contact our customer support team who will be more than happy to assist.

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