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  • Training Humans! Part III:


    Why Having a Well-Trained Dog is So Important

    Dogs are known as man’s best friend for a good reason. They make excellent companions and can fill your life with so much joy and happiness. That is, if they are well trained! We’ve all seen at least one unruly dog in our lives, haven’t we? You know the kind we’re talking about… The one at the park that keeps barking, jumping up at their owner, pulling on the lead…if they are even on a lead!

    Obviously, you don’t want to find yourself in that situation if you are interested in becoming a dog parent. The benefits of having a well-trained dog go beyond simply making those trips to the park less stressful. Ensuring that your dog is trained properly will not only benefit the animal, but also you, your family and any other people and animals that you come into contact with.

    Effective and Successful Training Benefits All, Not Just the Dog

    While it’s true that none of the above would happen with a well-trained dog, it is not just the animal who benefits from the training. As the owner you do too, and not just because it makes life easier, although that is obviously a huge factor! When you work hard and train your dog, it’s a learning process that helps you understand them better and improves your skills as a dog parent.

    A Well-Trained Dog is a Safe Dog

    The scenario we highlighted at the outset can be more than just frustrating and irritating. When you have a dog that doesn’t listen to a word you say, it is at risk. And it’ not just the dog’s safety that’s at risk, but also potentially the safety of everyone in the vicinity. An unruly dog is more likely to end up being involved in an accident and that could even have fatal consequences.


    A Well-Trained Dog is a Happy Dog

    As well as ensuring that your dog is safe wherever you are, training also helps keep your dog happy. Training provides your furry friend with mental stimulation and when you combine that with regular exercise, your dog will be happier because they are getting physical exertion and a workout for their brain at the same time.


    Training Helps Your Dog with Socialisation

    Dogs love to be around people and other animals. They are social creatures, but that obviously means they need to behave in a particular way. This only comes with effective training. It helps them to learn how to not beg, jump up onto people and teaches them to act in a generally more acceptable way for a whole range of different environments, situations and activities.

    When you have a well-trained dog, life is a lot simpler all round. You won’t be nervous about them socialising with you and any guests who visit your home, or when you take them for a walk or to the park. They will also enjoy life a lot more, by having those boundaries and that discipline. It helps them understand their place in the world and how they fit in with your family. Never, therefore, underestimate the importance of training for your dog. The hard work and effort you put in, will be worth it in the end.

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