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  • Steps for a Pet Friendly Home

    Pet owners who consider their furry friends just another member of the family are constantly on the lookout for ways to ensure a happy, healthy life for their dogs and cats. Issues such as heart disease and cancer are two common conditions that can contribute to disease, yet many people probably wouldn’t imagine that the risk of these diseases can be increased by toxins in the home. To keep your pets happy and healthy for many years, try to reduce their chances of disease and injury, by following these practical tips.

    Reducing Your Home’s Toxic Overload

    Pollution and toxicity doesn’t only occur outside, but also within many homes. Many furnishings, for instance, contain formaldehyde, a known cancer risk. Cleaning products are another bugbear, since they contain ingredients such as chlorine, ammonia, and bleach, which can cause issues such as eye and skin irritations, as well as respiratory problems.

    Playing it safe doesn’t just involve keeping these items stored away; their particles can remain on flooring, carpets, and surfaces your pets have access to, so it is important to use toxin free products that won’t harm pets. A good steam cleaner that can handle pet hair is an ideal way to go totally chemical-free, though there are a plethora of natural/organic cleaning products you can opt for.

    Those into essential oils, meanwhile, should research into useful blends containing oils such as rosemary and clove oil, which can be diluted in water and make great antibacterial sprays.

    Removing Choking Risks

    Be very careful that there are no tiny toys, balls, and other possible choking risks, left lying around your home. Veterinarians sometimes have to perform complex surgery when materials such as plastics or metals get stuck in a dog or cat’s intestinal system, so try to keep your home tidy when pets are around.

    Shoes (and shoelaces) also cause major problems if swallowed, so keep them behind closed doors.

    Avoiding Electric Shock

    Technology plays an important role in most of our lives, but they can also put your pets at a risk of electrocution. Cats in particular are curious creatures, so keep dangling wires from computers, lamps, TVs etc. out of their reach.

    Danger in the Garage

    Antifreeze can cause death in animals, yet unfortunately, it has a temptingly sweet taste, making it a major temptation for pets. Clean the garage floor well to ensure safety, and make sure you cats and dogs do not have access to the driveway. Better yet, use non-toxic antifreeze made of propylene glycol.

    Keeping your pets safe can be a big project, though their health and happiness are worth every effort. Try to replace toxic furniture, keep a tidy household, and aim to live a more natural life, using authentic, natural cleaning products that do not pose a risk for serious disease.


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