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Homemade Nourishment

Rachael, our marketing coordinator, makes her own dog food for her gorgeous rescue pooch Marnie! “I found the world of “what’s the best dog diet” to be overwhelming. I tried many different kibbles and canned dog food brands, but I never liked the idea of me not knowing what was really in it- hence why I started making my own! The recipe I follow is 50% protein (a very lean cut of meat), 25% fresh veggies and 25% grains that I boil in a bone broth mixture with turmeric for inflammation and ginger for her belly. I supplement her vitamins using the multivitamin and the digestion + from Verde to make sure she’s getting everything she needs. I also give her doggy dental daily to make sure her teeth are in tip-top. This pup eats better than I do, to be honest, haha.

October was Pet Wellness Month and so we shared our 8 top tips for keeping your pet healthy, so they can live a long and happy life as your trusted friend.  But as we are all passionate animal lovers here at HomeoPet, through the month our team shared their own personal handy pet care ‘hacks’ on our social channels. If you missed them, here they are. They might work for you too!

Bath time… is your pooch a lover or a hater?!

Well, Yadi – this gorgeous guy who’s owned by Anita, our Chief Financial Controller, HATES bath time. So, Anita’s pet healthcare hack is to put HomeoPet anxiety drops on a Verde Pet Health Calming treat and doses Yadi 4 times within an hour to get him to take his bath. Works a treat!

These pictures below are in sequence: the remedy. Yadi outside immediately after the first dose because he knows what’s coming. Yadi in the bathroom in acceptance mode – actually after only 3 doses this time! Yadi having surrendered and in the tub to get a clean, fresh look!

Popping those pills with ease!

Mark (MD for Homeopet Europe) and his family have an extremely smart and pernickety terrier called Molly (yes after the song!) and getting her to take pills was a chore. They popped her pills into various things in an attempt to try to get her to take them, but she would always just eat the outside and leave the pill.  SOOOOOOO Mark had the idea to put a bit of Cheddar into the microwave for 5 seconds until it melts into a puddle. He then (carefully so as not to burn his delicate fingers) takes it out, wraps the pill in the cheese and lets it re-set. Then BOOM!! That babe is medicated!

Dog taking pill

Slowing down at chow time!

Ingrid, our Supply Chain Manager, has two gorgeous German Shepherds, Kimba & Tango. Tango eats way too quickly, which unfortunately causes him big digestive problems.  SOOOOOOO, Ingrid had the brainwave of putting peanut butter on the rim of Tango’s bowl, which works to slow him down.  And it works because he doesn’t know what to do – whether to eat or lick the peanut butter, slowing the whole thing down for a happier tummy!


Healthy Hooves…no mess!

Jenny from our marketing team is a bit of a horse nut. She regularly uses a hoof dressing that is quite solid, sticky and gives fingers that less than attractive ’20 a day smoker’ look when applied by hand! Regular ‘hoof oil’ brushes are just too soft to do a proper job, so Jenny uses an old toothbrush. Horses get healthy, moisturised hooves and fingers can stay a cleaner for longer (which admittedly is never very long around horses!).

Healthy hooves Healthy hooves


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