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  • Pet friendly ideas to make your house a home…and a clean one at that!

    If you’re anything like us, a house isn’t a home without a dog or a cat. Or preferably several of both! Having pets could take its toll on your living space, but in our view, it shouldn’t. There are loads of ways you can make your home more pet-friendly and pet-durable and loads of great furnishing ideas that your pet(s) will adore!

    Here are some of our best pet friendly decorating tips and furnishing ideas…

    Pet friendly decorating tips to make your life easier

    Choose Durable Floors

    As you’re probably all too aware, with pets comes paw prints and piddle! After all, accidents happen. Choosing durable, hard-surface flooring for pet-occupied rooms is sensible investment and a far better option than banishing your pet to the outdoors, or needing to invest in a new carpet every few years! Choices such as laminate flooring, stone or ceramic tiles, or painted concrete are far easier to keep clean and stain-free than carpet, whilst also being much cooler for your pet in hot weather. Do bear in mind though that polished planks or tiles can be slippery, especially for older dogs and cats. You may need to add area rugs or rubber mats for safety’s sake.

    Which leads us on to tip two….

    Don’t buy expensive rugs!

    A beautiful rug can really enhance a room, whilst also protecting floors from claws and stains. Rugs also protect your pet from slipping on smooth, shiny floors, whilst also muffling sounds, helping to keep the peace. Rugs are a great thing to have in a pet-friendly house. Just don’t buy expensive ones! Unlike carpet, rugs can be picked up and cleaned or thrown out. Search for one that is durable enough to withstand pet traffic, but cheap enough to toss when they get grungy – we find that sisal or seagrass mats do the job perfectly.

    Match rugs and upholstery to fur color

    We’re sure you’d rather spend more time with your pet than cleaning up after them. So for less time spent vacuuming, choose area rugs and upholstered furniture that coordinate with your pet’s fur! By choosing color schemes that blend with your furry friends, you can help mask pet hair, so you’re not sent running for the lint roller many times a day! While on the topic of upholstery, avoid chairs and sofas covered in velvet or chenille as they’re magnets for pet hair, or delicate fabrics that can be easily ruined by pets and use stain-resistant fabrics where possible.

    Set up an animal area near an entry

    Creating an entry way or mudroom that stops grime at the door is one of the best investments you can make to protect the rest of your home. Choose flooring that’s impervious to dirt and easy to wipe clean and paint the wall with semi-gloss, satin, or egg-shell paint for protection against spatters. If you have the space, you can get really creative with designing pet-friendly storage space to keep all your pet supplies such as dog food, medicine, treats, spare collars, leads, outdoor gear and toys. Do also keep an old towel handy for wiping muddy paws clean!

    Use semigloss wall paint

    Like children, pets can do any number of things to damage walls. Dogs have a habit of spraying drool everywhere as they shake their heads; cats love to rub up against walls as they pass by and a wall papered in a beautifully textured finish might prove far too tempting for a cat not to use as a scratching post.

    Instead, paint your walls in beautiful colors and keep paper towels ready to wipe away the slime! Flat-finish paint is nearly impossible to clean as some of the paint will inevitably come off as you try to clean it, leaving an unsightly mark.  Semi-gloss-finish paint is a great choice for rooms that see lots of activity and moisture (kitchen, bath or your newly designed pet-entry area), while satin- or eggshell-finish paint make elegant choices for living areas. If you do still covet a matte finish, make sure you choose a washable flat paint!

    Pet-ify your home!

    Most dogs love their own dens as much as teenagers like their own rooms and cats love to perch and climb. With a bit of creativity and a little effort (or some time spent shopping online) you could create some masterpieces that will not only make your pet feel super comfortable and at home, but will also help keep your pet-friendly home neat and clutter free.

    Get a helping hand

    There never seems to be enough time in the day to keep up with the amount of pet hair and dirt that accumulates in our homes every day, robot vacuums can be a fantastic choice for those looking for a little extra help. Find your robot vacuum soulmate here.

    Here are some of our favorite pet-friendly home creations, which include great ways to help keep your home clean and tidy as well as introducing some fabulous hidey places and vertical territory for your pets to enjoy and explore…


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