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  • National Bring Your Dog To Work Day

    Working from home with your pet

    It’s National Bring Your Dog To Work Day today! However, pretty much every day is National Bring Your Dog To Work Day here at HomeoPet as Kimba, Maui and Ziggy are our “office dogs” and join us at our New York office every day.

    As we love nothing more than to talk about animals and even more so when we’re talking about our own, we thought you’d like to meet a few of our office dogs.

    Maui is Aindriu’s pup (Aindriu is our Finance/Business Development guy). Maui’s hobbies are eating boxes, belly rubs, treats, napping next to his dad’s desk and playing with Mercedes slipper which he deemed his toy.


    Ziggy is Mags’ pup (Mags is a co-owner of HomeoPet). Ziggy’s interests include following mags everywhere (he’s a big mama’s boy), butt scratches and rough housing with Maui. Ziggy is the size of a small pony and twice as strong while Maui jettisons hair like a 747 leaves a vapour trail, except Maui’s hair hangs around A LOT LONGER!


    Kimba is Ingrid’s pup (Ingrid is our supply chain manager). Kimba is very excitable and greets us every morning like we have just returned from war. He loves to nap in front of the lunchroom door, welcomes all guest and deliveries with lots of kisses and spends much of her day inspecting trashcans for “forgotten treats”.


    Coco is Juliana’s Pup (Juliana works in Sales/Customer Service) – Coco loves to play fetch and run around and loves to play hunt with all of his toys/balls

    If you’d like to see what our pups get up to through the day, head over to our Instagram and follow their antics there!

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