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  • HomeoPet Supports The Companion Animal Rescue Awards In Australia


    If we’re being honest, we wish there wasn’t a need for animal rescue centres. If there was no cruelty, neglect, abandonment, or abuse, there would be no need for them. Unfortunately, there are many, many animals in need around the world, but fortunately, there are also many, many caring groups of individuals that spend countless hours helping and caring for these animals and their tireless work undoubtedly deserves recognition.

    The Companion Animal Rescue Awards is a for-purpose, national program whose mission is to celebrate and recognize achievements in rescue, sheltering, rehabilitation, and rehoming companion animals throughout Australia. Here at HomeoPet, we do what we can to help support those that support others and this year we were delighted to provide $1,800 worth of prizes to support some of the many deserving winners of these great awards!

    Peita Charman of HomeoPet Australia comments “ We were delighted to sponsor the Rescue Awards in 2021 as it is a subject very dear to our hearts. The Rescue Awards recognize the valuable efforts of those who work tirelessly to help animals in need, from volunteers to foster carers, to those who adopt and those who run not for profit organizations and animal shelters.  In fact, a little RSPCA rescue mutt named Monte (featured as our main image above) is actually responsible for starting HomeoPet in Australia.  Monte had terrible behavioral and anxiety issues and was due to be put down at eight months old when we adopted him.  We used time, love and patience together with HomeoPet products to help him become the most loving, calm and caring dog we could have hoped for.  Monte became our mascot and pin up guy, featured in a new launch logo and can still be spotted on several of our boxes.  He knew he was much loved and cherished for his whole sixteen years.  We do this to honor his memory and for so many others who need our help.” 

    While there were many, many worthy winners, the deserving winners of our HomeoPet prizes were:

    Outstanding Rescue Group – Forever Friends Animal Rescue (VIC)

    Outstanding Animal Shelter – Rachie’s Ratirement Home (QLD)

    Outstanding Council Animal Shelter – Rachie’s Ratirement Home (QLD)

    Volunteer of the Year – Lachlan Barnard, Forever Friends Animal Rescue (VIC)

    People’s Rescue Story – Mark Bent and his dog, Bella (VIC) adopted from German Shepherd Rescue and RSPCA Victoria. Read the story.

    Well done to everyone involved in the awards and to all the many wonderful winners!

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