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  • 12 fun things to do with your dog before the end of winter

    Winter is not our most favorite time of the year. Short days, dark evenings, cold, wind, wet, snow… it can all make having fun with our pets somewhat challenging! But we like to look on the positive side of things and think there’s still plenty to love about winter. Snow (yes, it can sometimes be a fun thing too, we think), holidays, ski trips, skating, cosy winter scarves and even cosy winter clothes can all be silver linings on an otherwise dark gray cloud. If you’re struggling to have some fun this winter, we’ve rounded up twelve fun things for you to do with your dog before winter comes to an end.

    1) Play in the snow

    2) Go sledding. Make sure to wrap up well though!

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    3) Go Skijoring. If you love to ski and your dog loves to run, skijoring may be the perfect winter activity for both of you! It’s cross-country skiing with a little momentum help from your dog. The best of both worlds.

    4) Spend an afternoon at an indoor dog park – If there’s a day that’s just too miserable or cold for any outdoor fun, hop online and search for an indoor dog park — you may find one nearby!

    5) Teach your dog a new trick. Check out Youtube tutorials to see what new and fun things you could teach your dog to do. After all, it is fun quality time that you and your furry get to spend together!

    6) Maybe even teach your dog to help with the daily chores!

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    7) Team up with a mate for an indoor playdate. Life is much better when you have good friends!

    8) Clear any breakables and set up an Indoor agility course. You can set up chairs, broomsticks, blankets, hula hoops and tons of other items found in your house to make the course, and then use hand-targeting or treats to lead your dog through the obstacles. Or why not use your possibly underused gym equipment to give your dog a workout?

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    9) Play the Shell Game. Let your dog watch as you place a treat under one of three cups. You then shuffle the cups around and encourage them to ‘find the treat.’ The shell game gives your dog plenty of mental stimulation, and helps them work on their problem solving skills.

    10) Check out the classes at your local dog training centre. You could try indoor agility, flyball or doga (yoga with your dog). It’s exciting for your dog to get out of the house and good socialization.

    11) Treat your dog to a day at the spa – A good solid brushing will help discard constantly shedding fur and skin cells, stimulate oil production to yield a shinier coat, and promote better skin circulation. And you never know, you might get other family members to help treat your dog to a full body massage!

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    12) Snuggle by the fire… one of our favorite things to do with our dogs in winter!


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