• Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice and principles, not based on modern medical theory or practice. 

  • Chocolate: A Doggy Danger!

    Did you know that chocolate is poisonous to dogs? The toxic component of chocolate for dogs is theobromine, BUT the risk to your dog depends on the type of chocolate, the amount consumed and your dog’s size. Here’s our quick guide to help keep your dog safe this Easter.

    • A large dog can consume more chocolate than a small dog before suffering ill effects
    • A small amount will probably only give your dog an upset stomach
    • A large amount can produce muscle tremors, seizures, an irregular heartbeat, internal bleeding or a heart attack.
    • Different chocolate types have different theobromine levels. Cocoa, cooking chocolate and dark chocolate contain the highest levels, while milk chocolate and white chocolate have the lowest.

    TREATMENT: induce vomiting within two hours of ingestion, but if you are worried or suspect that your dog may have eaten a large quantity of chocolate and they are showing any of the signs above, call your vet immediately! So, while it’s nice to share, don’t share your Easter Eggs with your dog!  

    Stay Safe everyone.

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