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  • Bringing Fido to Work? Here’s How to Make It Stress-Free


    Take Your Dog to Work’ day this year is on June 23. As an observance day, many employees and employers bring their pooch to the workplace for as long as it is allowed. But taking your pet companion to the office can also bring stress. Preparing for the day is important if you want it to go smoothly and without a hitch.

    Inform the Office

    Even though office policy allows dogs at the workplace, it’s still a good idea to give management and your colleagues the heads up. The presence of pets at work has many benefits such as stress reduction and improved job satisfaction, but not everyone may appreciate them. Co-workers may be allergic to pets or simply prefer not to be around them. Around 10% of people are thought to be allergic to household pets, so it is important to inform co-workers of the presence of animals. Management can also plan better by knowing how many employees will be bringing their pooches. The office manager can then create a schedule or designate pet-free zones to minimize distractions.

    Check Transportation Alternatives

    Unless you are driving to work, transportation is a critical factor in making the day successful. Buses and trains, in general, allow pets on board. However, if this is the first time for your pet to be on a bus, subway, or train, consider doing a dry run. Take pets for a ride when it is not too busy such as weekends so that they will get used to riding public transportation. Not only will it make them feel at ease, you’ll also be assured that your commute is hassle-free.

    Provide a Rest Area and Distraction 

    Without proper planning, taking a pet to work can quickly turn into a nightmare. Thus, it is vital to make your furry friends as comfortable as possible by packing a small bed or blanket where they can rest or take a break. A toy that they like keeps them occupied or helps them relax and settle quickly. The key is to bring something familiar to avoid distress.

    Food, Treats, Water, and Potty Breaks

    Food and water are important to keep your pet nourished and hydrated even when they are away from home while treats reinforce and reward good behavior. Ensure that your furry friend has lots of nature calls to avoid messy spills in the office. It also helps you get exercise. If there is a designated pet area on the premises, bring them there so that they can socialize with others and take a break. Bringing your pet at the workplace is something that both of you should look forward to. By ensuring that your mutt is comfortable and have everything they need, there’s no reason why a day at the office is not going to be a success.

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