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  • B.A.A.R.K. Foundation

    There are countless charities and volunteers around the world working tirelessly to support and protect communities, families, people, and animals in need. And here at HomeoPet, we do what we can to help support those that support others. At HomeoPet we donate to and support many worthy causes each and every year. The work these charitable organizations do is incredible, and we want to share with you a little bit about what they do and why we get involved…

    The B.A.A.R.K. Foundation

    The B.A.A.R.K. Foundation (Basic Assistance and Recovery Kindness) was started in 2009 to help those in the DockDogs community that have had a tragedy or have fallen on hard times. When a devastating fire destroys a kennel when medical bills skyrocket and a family’s income is slashed because the breadwinner has cancer when the cost of saving a dog’s life is more than the owner can bear — these are just a few of the situations when The B.A.A.R.K. Foundation has jumped in to help.   DockDogs® is the fastest growing sport on 4 legs and welcomes any breed, any mix, any size to join the Dock Diving® family, where the ultimate goal is to have fun and build community. An all too familiar challenge for the B.A.A.R.K. Foundation is funding. The organization mostly collects donations from those within the DockDogs community and from spectators at events, although, of course, all support is welcomed. This small non-profit concentrates all its support to help competitors in the DockDogs and as donations have increased they are able to help more and more people each year and their wonderful dogs each year. In 2017 the B.A.A.R.K. Foundation granted over $27,000.00 in support for DockDogs competitors. Tina McLaughlin from the foundation comments: “HomeoPet made a generous donation to our 2017 silent auction where gift baskets were made up and auctioned off at the DockDogs World Championships. A lot of our competitors are very holistic and raise their furry friends in the most natural way possible. HomeoPet fit right in with this approach and was very well received! Our auctions are held every other year, so the money we make on the auction must last us two years. We are so thankful for all the support HomeoPet has shown us, we hope that by their generosity we help to grow their business and more awareness is made about all the wonderful products they have to offer. Thank you HomeoPet from the bottom of our hearts to the tips of our tails!” If you would like to support the B.A.A.R.K. Foundation and the wonderful work they do you can make a monetary donation through their website at www.baarkfoundation.org, or if you would like to make product donation, you can contact them through the website as well.

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