• Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice and principles, not based on modern medical theory or practice. 

  • How are the products administered?

    The formula dropper cap is especially calibrated to dispense one drop at a time and all HomeoPet bottles are biodegradable.

    The international administration and dosing protocol for HomeoPet products is in the side of the mouth for maximum effectiveness and absorption, or into food, water or milk or on a treat as options too. Excepting Australia where products are deemed to be administered in food or in water or on a treat due to local regulations. The liquid drops, in Australia, may be given in water, on food or on a treat. The important point is that your pet gets the product they need into their system in a way that the owner deems suitable and is voluntary. It is recommended that the dosing becomes fun or a pleasant experience. Follow up with a treat to ensure they do not become stressed by the small bottle and to lessen any issues with taking their drops. The formulas are clear liquid drops and contain no odour or unpleasant taste.

    Note that birds are dosed differently so you may need to consult your Vet who will have the Avian Applications specific information. Cats can sometimes salivate when use alcohol based preparations so the best way to give to a cat who may smell the drops is to put it into their food or water and wait 20 minutes until the alcohol evaporates off, or place on their paw so they an lick it off.

    As packaging may change from time to time please note the administration allowed for each country.

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