• Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice and principles, not based on modern medical theory or practice.

  • Pauline O’Reilly, Dublin

    “You kindly sent me a bottle of Leaks no more to try on my little Westie Penny ( 14yrs in April ) and I promised to let you know how she is getting on.

    Before treatment she was involuntarily weeing huge amounts, pools of clear urine on the floor regularly – like a litre or more at a time. She was drinking inordinate amounts of water.

    She also has a long term fibroma which causes her difficulties walking because of its position at the top of leg and she tends to be very, very stiff and cannot walk much without panting. In short when the weeing started, I felt that if I brought her to the vet it would be curtains for Penny! I was very worried about her she seemed to be falling apart.

    Leaks no more has given Penny a new lease of life. The pools of wee are no more! They stopped very quickly… within days of starting the remedy, there are now very few accidents.

    Apart from this, there also has been a noticeable change in Penny’s demeanour she seems more active, hopping out of her basket easily – before she was so stiff it was a struggle for her to get out of her basket. This, I think, was causing other weeing accidents to happen as she was so immobile.

    She is more playful and engaged. She now wants to come on little walks and there is no panting.

    She is behaving like she did 3 years ago!

    As a homeopath myself I wondered about this added and unexpected improvement and seeing the causticum and alumina in the ingredients and knowing that these remedies also help with stiffness and old age I understand that the remedies are doing more than what it says on the tin!

    I continue to give it to Penny twice daily. I am thrilled with this product and the improvement it has made. I would highly recommend it if any dog has any leaky issues. Old and leaky this has to be tried. I’m truly so grateful and feel I have my little dog back!” Pauline O’Reilly, Dublin

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