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  • Jennifer S

    “I just wanted to say thank you. Purchasing your Digestive Upsets drops was the best sixteen dollars I have spent. My cat Oliver has a fetish with plastic. Although my husband and I do our best to keep plastic bags and things of the like picked up he managed to eat some the other day and after throwing up and then refusing to eat it was apparent he may have an intestinal blockage. After going to the vet and given the okay to be put on home care I decided to go to my local pet store and see what I could do for the lil guy to help him not feel so queasy until he either threw up the rest of the plastic, or passed it. I found the HomeoPet drops and they worked like a charm. Ollie was able to keep food down long enough to push whatever was in, out. Thank you so much! You have helped my kitty avoid an unpleasant situation and saved me a lot of stressful times.”
    Sincerest thanks, Jennifer S.

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