• Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice and principles, not based on modern medical theory or practice.

  • What are the Dosing Guidelines for Birds, Small Mammals, Exotic Animals and Guinea Pigs?

    ANXIETY RELIEF: The primary use is to stop or prevent feather plucking, which is frequently associated with abandonment anxiety and other causes of stress. This remedy will reduce or eliminate the anxiety caused by moving and transporting, introduction of strange people or other animals, veterinary treatment, etc.

    JOINT STRESS: Useful in sprained legs and acute wing injury. Also indicated for bumble foot and gout.

    DIGESTIVE UPSETS: Useful in all types of gastroenteritis. Can be used on a flock or loft basis to treat a large number of birds at low cost. Also useful for birds who have suffered collapse or dehydration.

    NOSE RELIEF: Useful in moisture/discharge there from the nose.

    COAT RESCUE: Useful in birds with seborrhea or other allergic skin conditions.

    WRM CLEAR: Useful in dramatically reducing the number of eggs shed by internal parasites and to speed the recovery of birds that have had a heavy worm burden. Should be used in conjunction with a conventional dewormer for heavy infestations. Will enhance the body’s resistance to future parasite infestation.

    DOSAGE: A caged bird can be medicated with two (2) drops, once daily, in the drinking water (at least 8 oz or more). Water should be changed daily and re-medicated with each change. NOTE: These remedies should not be given to birds undiluted.

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