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  • Our 12 Top Reasons To Love Cats

    Hands up if you love cats! We most certainly do. June is National Adopt a Cat Month and there are many, many reasons to love them and so adopt one into your family! Here are our top 12…  

    1. They’re ergonomically designed and fit together beautifully.


    2. They’re independent thinkers and are not afraid to break the rules.


    3. They make friends of all shapes and sizes.


    4. They are easily pleased and don’t always need a fancy cat bed to be able to relax.


    5. They are masters in the art of chill.


    6. They’re not afraid to tell you what they want.


    7. They’re the perfect sofa accessory.


    8. They just know when you need a hug… even though you might not actually want one.


    9. They come fully assembled.


    10. They’re avid nature enthusiasts.


    11. They’re intelligent, but don’t flaunt it.


    12. They have the coolest relatives.

    cat-relative Share the reasons you love cats in the comments below! And if you love cats, but aren’t lucky enough to have a feline partner in your life, why not head to a cat cafe?  Catpuccino anyone?!

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