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  • 12 fun things to do with your dog before the end of summer


    There are so many reasons to love summer – bright mornings, longer evenings, good weather and loads of activities for you and your dog to enjoy. To help you make the most of summer, we’ve rounded up twelve fun things for you to do with your dog before this wonderful season comes to an end.

    1. Go on a scenic wilderness hike – Though most national parks don’t allow dogs on trails, there are many state parks that do. Visit hikewithyourdog.com to find a dog-friendly trail in your state. Just remember to keep your dog leashed around other hikers, bikers and horses and look for places that are ‘easy on the paws’.

    2. Go on a walking tour of your city – Even city streets can be used for a hiking adventure and adding a hill or two will give you a bit more strenuous exercise – good for you AND your dog! Don’t forget to pack poop bags and plenty of water if the weather’s hot.

    3. Plan an overnight camping trip – Camping is fun for all the family and a great way to get some fresh air and experience nature in all its glory. Remember to pack a camp towel and brush to clean and dry your dogs thoroughly before letting them in the tent, or it could get messy!


    4. Enjoy the simple pleasure of driving with the windows open or the top down. Need we say more?!


    5. Try dog carting. A great way to exercise your dog, while bringing a whole new style of fun to the family!

    6. Play Frisbee – If your dog loves to play ball, he will probably love playing with a disc AND it’s a great form of exercise. One word of caution, however: This sport involves a lot of jumping, so consult with your veterinarian before starting your dog on a vigorous Frisbee training program.


    7. Take your dog on a boat ride – Your best friend will enjoy the smell of the sea, warm sun and the sea breeze as much as you will! Just don’t forget the doggie life jacket.


    8. Attend a dog-friendly summer festival – If you’re a festival junkie but an avid dog lover, you now no longer have to choose between the two with a growing number of pet-friendly festivals on around the country. Just do a simple google search!

    9. Go to a doggie summer camp. Yes, this is now a thing and we love the idea of spending a few days vacation with a host of fun activities centred around our four legged friends.

    10. Go to a dog-friendly beach. Enjoy a splash in the surf, build doggie sandcastles and have a great game of fetch on the sand.

    11. Swim in a lake. Just make sure it’s not a protected area and that dogs are permitted.

    12. And finally, try bikjoring! Give your dog(s) a great workout by having him pull you on your bike – officially known as bikjoring. If your dog wants to run and is dragging you around on your walks, this is a great option as your dog will be healthier if he is allowed to exercise at his preferred pace, which is often faster than you can run.


    If you give any of these fun activities a go, please do take some pictures and share them with us on facebook, or instagram with the hashtag #doggiefuninthesun!

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