HomeoPet Brand Protection

MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Policy & MAP Schedule

To protect the integrity of our brands, we haveimplemented a Minimum Advertised Price Policy (effective July 1, 2022), which applies to all authorized sellers of our products advertising to end user consumers in the United States of America. The “minimum advertised price” is the lowest price at which HomeoPet products listed on the HomeoPet MAP Schedule below may be advertised.

Download the HomeoPet MAP Policy (PDF).

HomeoPet MAP Schedule (“Covered Products”)

Anxiety Relief – US$14.99
Coat Rescue – US$14.99
Cough – US$14.99
Digestive Upsets – US$14.99
Doggy Dental – US$14.99
Fireworks US$14.99
First Aid US$14.99
Hot Spots – US$14.99
HP Healing Cream – US$22.99
Joint Stress – US$14.99
Leaks No More – US$14.99
Liver Rescue- US$14.99
Nose Relief – US$14.99
Skin And Itch – US$14.99
Storm Stress – US$14.99
Travel Anxiety – US$14.99
WRM Clear – US$14.99

Feline Anxiety Relief – US$14.99
Feline Digestive Upsets – US$14.99
Feline Furball – US$14.99
Feline Purr Dental – US$14.99
Feline UTI+ – US$14.99
Feline Nose Relief – US$14.99
Feline Skin And Itch – US$14.99
Feline WRM Clear – US$14.99

Avian Anxiety Relief – Pending
Avian Digestive Upsets – Pending
Avian WRM Clear – Pending

*HomeoVet is a trade brand of HomeoPet L.L.C.

EquioPathics Cough & Allergy – Pending
EquioPathics Anxiety Relief – Pending
EquioPathics Digestive Upsets – Pending
EquioPathics Joint Stress – Pending
EquioPathics Nose Relief – Pending
EquioPathics Pre-Performance Stress – Pending
EquioPathics Travel Anxiety – Pending
EquioPathics WRM Clear – Pending

*HomeoVet is a trade brand of HomeoPet L.L.C.

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