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Research and development natural effective treatments

Our Goals:

HomeoPet®’s aim is to provide leading edge research for the development of effective and novel treatments which are both homeopathic by definition and still meet the full criteria of evidence based medicines.

Why We Research:

HomeoPet® research is primarily targeted at improving the quality of life for animals in general. All of HomeoPet®’s trials provide data which expands the general knowledge of the conditions on which our research is being conducted. We’re committed to publishing both positive and negative data so that others do not have to futilely traverse the same ground in the future, as we learn both by our success and our failures equally.

Our Standards of Research:

Our trial standards are, above all else, based on the ethical behavior towards the rights of those animals to which we are guardians. All trials have involved owner and veterinarian participation to ensure the greatest protection for the animals involved.

HomeoPet®’s trials are based on achieving the gold standard so treasured by evidence based medicine.

Where We Research

HomeoPet® has run trials in the Ireland and the United States and is currently running a series of clinical trials in the United Kingdom and Australia.

HomeoPet Research Programs

  1. 20 years of clinical use
  2. 19 years of data collection
  3. 2 multi-centric studies
  4. 1 Licensed and accredited Member of Faculty of the College of HomeoPathy
  5. 1 registered veterinary nurse
  6. 2 Professors
  7. 1 Double board certified behaviorist
  8. 1 Triple board certified behaviorist
  9. 2 year PhD complete research program
  10. 5 Universities
  11. 11 separate data collection periods under double blind protocols
  12. 5 double blind placebo controlled trials
  13. 1 triple blind, three period, three product trial
  14. 1 placebo controlled cross over trial
  15. 11,000,000 doses sold
  16. 15 years of registration and no reported consumer complaints
  17. 11 years of rigorous data collection with no adverse events reported
  18. Registered with the:
    1. FDA-CVM in the USA
    2. APVMA in Australia
    3. VMD in the UK
    4. NZFA in New Zealand
    5. All source materials are subject to strict and rigorous controls
  19. All materials sourced in USA and Europe
  20. All plant materials have full Certificates of Analysis
  21. All non-plant materials have full certificates of pharmaceutical compliance
  22. Manufactured under FDA registered process
  23. Manufactured in an FDA inspected facility
  24. Strict quality controls observed prior and post manufacturing
  25. 2 Deans of Pharmacy involved in process