Ingredients – Purr Dental

Arsenicum album 12x

(White Oxide of Arsenic)

Particularly for tartar related to Nephritis with albumen +++, cells, fibrin, pus, blood in urine. Anxious chilly restless and thirsty types which sip small amounts at a time. This condition while it can occur at any age is more common in the slightly older patient, but pets less than a year can had kidney issues leading to accumulations on the teeth.

Berberis vulgaris 6x


Supports liver and kidney function. Mouth sticky sensation sticky frothy saliva. Tartar occurs in many patients with kidney disturbances Berberis contain Berberine also found in Hydrastis canadensis (Golden Seal) which is a potent antiseptic helping with mouth odor as well.

Calcarea carbonica 12x

(Calcium Carbonate)

A remedy for calcium metabolism in the body. The remedy is strongly related to slow or delayed teething.

Calcarea fluorata 12x

(Fluoride of Lime)

A remedy for the deposition of extra calcium in the body and on the teeth. This is the natural form which does not lead to fluoride issues so prevalent with the sodium fluoride in common use It helps with the prevention of deficient enamel along with its sister remedy Calcarea phosphorica.

Calcarea phosphorica 12x

(Calcium Phosphate)

A remedy strong related to teething and dental problems including prevention of rapid decay and tartar the latter of which as a homeopathic it softens easing natural removal.

Calendula officinalis 6x

(Pot Marigold)

Helps healing of all tissues and is especially useful for healing post tartar removal or tooth extraction or even from the kissing ulcers caused where tartar rubs against the gum while other ingredients such as Fragaria reduce tartar formation.

Cinchona officinalis 6x

(Peruvian Bark)

A remedy for patients suffering any form of fluid loss including dehydration with a dry mouth which favors the deposition of tartar.

Fragaria vesca 6x


In Herbal medicine used to reduce uric acid and in homeopathy Boericke’s Materia Medica says of Fragaria Prevents formation of calculi, removes tartar from teeth and prevents attacks of gout.

Hypericum perforatum 12x

(St. John’s Wort)

This remedy eases the painful effects of tartar on the gums and mouth and post scaling of teeth is a very useful palliative.

Marigold (Calendula officinalis)

Safe, Gentle, All Natural liquid dosing medicines for your best friend.

Mezereum 12x

(Spurge Olive)

Used for tartar on teeth and particularly for the bad smell associated with tartar. It is of particular use for the roughness of tartar on teeth.

Plantago major 6x


Boericke’s Repertory says of Plantago a remedy for sordes (Scum on teeth) and deposits on the teeth. Plantago is also recognized for helping sensitivity in teeth including those with caries (decay).

Silicea 12x


The use of Silicia for concretions on teeth (tartar) dated back to the time of Paracelsus who died in 1541 thus it has a long history and even today is part of the abrasives making up to 50% of modern tooth pastes.

Thuja occidentalis 12x

(Arbor vita)

Tartar is one of the indications for the use of this particular remedy Helps with pain in tongue from tartar and is used to reduce tartar formation, helps kidney function and thus reduces one of causes of tartar.