Introducing HomeoVet – natural medicines for animals


For the last quarter of a century, HomeoPet has manufactured a range of natural pet care medicines in the USA. Our products have since been sold to over 30 countries around the world and provide pets and larger animals of all shapes and sizes with natural support for health and in times of sickness.

Due to ever increasing demand for natural medicines across the larger animal spectrum we are introducing HomeoVet as a sister brand to HomeoPet, to simply differentiate our large animal medicines from those formulated for domestic pets. Over the next eighteen months we will be rebranding some existing large animal products, whilst also extending the range available, but you can remain assured that each and every one is made with the same love and attention that has made HomeoPet one of the world’s most trusted names in natural medicine for animals.

In this, our 25th anniversary year, the launch of HomeoVet supports our mission to provide natural health care to all domesticated animals and is the first step towards delivering our natural medicines to a wider range of large animals such as horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and other domesticated animals. Keep an eye out for our new HomeoVet Avian Range in your local pet store!

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