Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice and principles, not based on modern medical theory or practice.

Karen Merrow

“My cat Milo had a UTI Blockage and stayed at the Vet hospital for 7 days with no success in getting him to urinate on his own. They expressed his bladder periodically to remove the urine. I was told that they had done all they could do and now they only thing that might help would be a $2000+ surgery with only a small chance of sucess. The HomeoPet UTI arrived Friday, the very afternoon that he was to come home still having this very serious problem! I was very worried, however I also had great hope the remedy would work due to a recent deeper understanding as to why homeopathy ‘works’ coupled with several wonderful testimonies I had read! I got Milo home about 7 pm and started the treatment at 8pm for acute cases at 8 drops every 15 minutes for the next 1 1/2 hours, then every hour a dose. Lo and behold at about midnight, he peed a marble sided clump in his cat litter, then 10 minutes later he peed a golfball sized clump!!! Shocking, and after the week of worry I had been through, I was literally jumping for joy!!! I also immediately started giving him subQ fluids at home and continued dosing HomeoPet UTI 3 X day for 2-3 more days. The next morning he was peeing large normal sized clumps, praise God! And I did praise Him! That was several months ago, and I have only dosed him once since then as it says use when needed. If you have similar problem, please don’t hesitate to try this!” Karen Merrow

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